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&Nbsp;   We first look at a Western wedding, he is not restricted for ages! He is nowadays most popular of wedding theme, is most by new love of wedding mode, most in held Western wedding, are is in hotel in held, where of lights stage effect is best of, it can create out most romantic atmosphere, to can reflected out Western flavor of wedding, reached unified of style, we of Sina dress must to solemn generous, suit of color General to black mainly, it more can foil out new of noble.
&Nbsp;   now, many young people are held in bars, trendy wedding, mostly in the 23-28 new,   is fashion people, they like to make the wedding party fashion-forward alternative, innovative new party emerge, into a Western-style buffet, with a jazz, is the wedding perfectly wonderful feeling.
&Nbsp;   some 25-40 couples, they love our Chinese wedding, he is one of the essence of Chinese traditional culture, Scarlet bridal sedan chair, plus the mighty procession of guards, bride, lift lid, then into the bridal chamber, are the characteristics of our Chinese wedding, it can be seen that they love Chinese culture, and our Chinese wedding has been handed down. This is the Chinese style.
&Nbsp;   many new also Chase nowadays popular of Lawn wedding, most age in 25 age-35 age, Lawn wedding most important is season, General in May to October this time is most for of, then of Sun bright, and grass green oil, and beautiful petals, are is to we wedding added color of part; also to that flowers arch is young vitality of representative, he attract has young new amount eye, deduction has Prince and Princess of romantic fairy tale.
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