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&Nbsp;   1, now conforms with environmental trends, many wedding will choose colorful fruits adorn the dining table, the unique combination of fruits and flowers is more eye-catching than put alone.
&Nbsp;   2, will bring to mind the sight of green fresh wind, fresh wind is the trend this summer, expressed the General selection of yellow and green flowers. Showing a country's natural style, revealing sweet romance. If you are a respected personality of the couple, you can also use large leaves to dress up, make more visually cool feeling, let your wedding will exceptionally fresh and cool in the hot summer.
&Nbsp;   3, Chinese wedding will make you think of fiery red, but at the wedding banquet tables to use local red dot, or select senior tablecloth with sophisticated details, chair covers, napkins, and so on, in line with the overall environment, more red than a large area of red to the extreme. Gold is the preferred color for Chinese wedding, festive and gorgeous. Tablecloths, chair covers, napkins and other small objects can be added with a little gold design, can also add Chinese traditional pattern, made Chinese wedding more, will also allow combining traditional elements with modern advanced technology, innovative new Chinese style.
&Nbsp;   4, traditional Western wedding in white, off white tone, is never out of date colors, like using big red classic Chinese wedding. Style like this was just simple decorating can, concise style looks more atmospheric. Table styles are the same does not need to be complicated, just flowers in a low-key, simple styling and high quality utensils together bring out the elegance of the overall temperament. Such a table is better suited to the theme for the wedding of the Grand atmosphere, like a simple version of the wedding can be used, just one hundred, and does not quarrel with decoration of the Ballroom.
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