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Wedding jewelry selection tips

&Nbsp;   purchases of jewelry is to uphold the principle, the so-called Nanjing lack without which, even if you have to make sure to wear the headdress, necklace around her neck and try not to bring, or gives a frames look with, people laugh.
&Nbsp;   If you have to buy the necklace, then at the time of purchase, must give the salesperson says your wedding dress style, let them mix according to you, so that you can pick up something suitable, also does not appear unhappy picture.
&Nbsp;   wedding dress style simple and generous, you can purchase some pop jewelry, play a role in Hualong finishing touch, but not too much to expect, dressed as a nouveau riche people jokes.
&Nbsp;   If the style is very cumbersome, so we choose simple jewelry, to bring out the perfect side; selection of fine jewelry, and wedding dress can be a good match, so your jewellery before they choose successful, color matching is very important, good or bad depends on your strategy, perfect wedding dress accessories also marked a different kind of style.
&Nbsp;   wedding day, a bride watches are best off, or will be very unpleasant, and your overall image will fit without worrying about wedding time and leave everything to emcee, he'll let you have the perfect wedding.
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