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Wedding groomsmen bridesmaids duties

&Nbsp;   maid of honor candidate had better be unmarried young women, sister not to let size not too much different from the bride, it is best to know makeup.
&Nbsp;   best man to assist newcomers deal with temporary or emergency situation, give the bride flowers door; when the parade contact staff, to understand the new situation and location, so as to propose a toast to the bride stopped drinking.
&Nbsp;   best man candidate had better be unmarried young men, not too high, your friends, God of wine (he can drink), and hard work, because the best man at a wedding is very hard.
&Nbsp;   best man a little taste, as he will make toast at the wedding, of course you don't want him to say bad words, he should be responsible, because he saved the couple's ring, and, most of all, he must have a sense of humor, because the groom's Bachelor Party before marriage, up to the best man affair.
&Nbsp;   select outgoing positive person in your life, as best man, soft-spoken, has to deal with a number of special events, smart ideas and he will give you the wind wedding add a touch of color. Why not do it!
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