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Tips for wedding cars

&Nbsp;   1, according to various aspects of the match and need to be made about the planning process to help the couple according to the Customs requirements in line with local conditions to develop routes, married time, and determine the number of quests on both sides to arrange sufficient wedding vehicles.
&Nbsp;   route after setting the best would have to run it again, being unavailable, traffic control, ban idea, and then draw a formal clear road map and marked departure or mother's home, hotel, road finishing the fleet and fleet manager, Hotel Manager, grooms and other related staff contacts and other related content.
&Nbsp;   married 10:30 time to ensure returning to the hotel for the best.
&Nbsp;   according to this standard taking into account distance, traffic developed, such as when to start, when to her. Home starting from the door to allow time for at least 40 minutes. Whole design must be at least 15 minutes of time set aside to deal with incidents such as traffic jams.
&Nbsp;   2, for the time team dye duct attention enough to float and when to tie, when tied to an idea. Meanwhile, brooch, holding flowers, flower petals also brought back a lot of on time. Wedding cars best half an hour back to point of departure before departure, because the groom before departure also with flowers, bouquets of identity.
&Nbsp;   3 travel photography, wedding day, wedding car schedule appointments in the morning let the team. Camera car in front, at least 60 m from the float in place; then floats that begin with, the rest according to the car good grade height take into account requirements of folk down in turn, requirements down into a straight line; send road map to each car, and folk on the car side mirror about red list, safflower, or put "Hi".
&Nbsp;   4, interfaces with the bride's maiden team basis after her home terrain into account team enter, display, and make a turn, and so on. Teams out of the home but also the family stopped in the neighborhood, candy cigarettes to cope.
&Nbsp;   5, and the hotel's communications team in advance to the hotel parked floats at a fixed location (floats are generally not the normal Lane), Feng Xili Team Explorer to remind assist Manager to the team, the couple split after you get off the float flower
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