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Marriage photo requirements

&Nbsp;   photos, marriage certificates require a marriage license photos and passport photo makes no difference, just two people come up with tight, of course is best taken with a smile. Requirements for marriage photos will have some differences, spend a little time in advance to Civil Affairs Bureau has to fill in a form, fill in including name, age, ID number, each property, and so on.
&Nbsp;   er size marriage certificate, marriage photos photo size is two inches, that is, 4cm*6cm red, the background should be red, talk to the photographer to take marriage photos places on the line, they will act according to professional requirements and standards to take.
&Nbsp;   c, marriage photos what to wear?
&Nbsp;   marriage pictures of clothing as long as they are usually ordinary wear can, if you want the photos look more festive, you can choose to wear bright clothes, like the personality of the new people can choose their outfits.
&Nbsp;   photos are to be equipped with a red background as a marriage certificate, so it is better to wear dark blue dress, we dress is a good choice for the table. If it's not afraid of trouble, take clothes to change can be.
&Nbsp;   IV photos, where you can take a marriage certificate?
&Nbsp;   wedding photo studio, Photo Studio to take a marriage photo. Nowadays, many couples prefer to Kodak because Kodak photo finish can then see the effect, not satisfied with can shoot again, price is 12 4 as the home only three, so one can also keep as a souvenir.
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