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&Nbsp;   couples choose MC now, or a wedding when the company recommend the MC may experience and reputation in the industry is the primary condition, but there are a lot of new information feedback showed that "guru", "gold" and does not necessarily represent 100% satisfaction, choose a really suitable for their own master of ceremonies is important, new people can be from the following aspects to consider:
&Nbsp;   1, as the master of ceremonies is the basic qualities as a master of ceremonies the most basic conditions. Fluency in Putonghua whether standard, the image quality is accordance with your wedding style, bearing instruments are properly, if it has good communication skills and presentation skills, the availability of rich knowledge of wedding customs. Ceremonies can be plain, but temperament and conversation should be and you want the wedding atmosphere feels consistent. If you want a very Western-style wedding ceremonies may have crosstalk-turned-emcee is not very suitable for.
&Nbsp;   2, age and experience while younger MC is the trend now, but consider the wedding guests, and if couples younger guests to students and colleagues mainly young people, considering their age and master of ceremonies. If the elders a lot, is to also consider mature emcee. Now there are more choices is between 30-50. And the male MC.
&Nbsp;   3, work experience including wedding presided over the length of time, are full time wedding or part time, hosted a total number of weddings. Experience as a professional you need to know background reference, but not the master of ceremonies of the most important conditions, nor the more experience the better, presided over the ceremonies may have more than 10 years experience, games is also very much in a year, so that may also be more likely to fall into the same pattern, also may be changing in recent years new wedding trend lower acceptance. Select is the most important.
&Nbsp;   4, previously hosted video watch wedding ceremony presided over ceremonies in flow, typhoons are natural decency, is able to fully mobilize the atmosphere, no vulgar language civilization indecent jokes, whether too much self-expression and robbed the couple stole the show. There is comparatively little experience in MC, warm and generous when they meet in the early results was a bit nervous after stumbling on. If you feel a master of ceremonies at the wedding of friends very well, even better.
&Nbsp;   5, responsible communication, when, if you can be customer-friendly can you listen to your wedding ideas and demands, offers experienced advice, according to your circumstances reasonable adjustments to his habit of the wedding process, serious and responsible for you to solve certain problems. If you find you are always distracted, leisurely, processes or stick to their habits, that'd change.
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