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&Nbsp;   attracted many Netizen's message, a Netizen said: naked marriage makes people look, people really crying! There are other users comments, for example, I will not list them all.
&Nbsp;   was praised by many users is that the wedding supplies, including clothing, site layout, are shopping online, spent less than a thousand, so many netizens said the innovation economy wedding, is recommended.
&Nbsp;   in addition to the high property prices, high marriage costs, so it becomes unbearable weight young people. According to current hosting a simple wedding, wedding photography, wedding ring, wedding, and more, the lowest cost 350,000 yuan.
&Nbsp;   a marriage network releases 2011 Valentine's day marriage survey, 1430 single male survey, remove the 33.9% of men does not accept nude outside marriage, remaining close to 70% 's men against the naked wedding. Even thought there is no wedding ring wedding, direct licensing of naked marriages.
&Nbsp;   among 30 instruction generation, are the subject of love and marriage crowd, due to their own limited means, apart from certain select "naked marriage" and "trial marriage", such as, economic and innovative wedding are springing up. Some good creative wedding planning services also appeared on many websites.
&Nbsp;   marriage experts pointed out that now the leftover and the high cost of marriage problems, is a major social problem, simple economic men and women is a social phenomenon, marriage and values of young women and men are changing the original.
&Nbsp;   experts believe that innovation economy wedding, to a certain extent reflects the psychological demand of the community. The other hand, also reflects the personality of the young, creative, self worth side deserves reference.
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