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&Nbsp;   church wedding ceremony in the afternoon, our guests upon arrival, will be the best man to take them to their seat, the bride and groom's guests over to the left and right sides, if one person comes, you can arrange them to another seat.
&Nbsp;   after relatives sat in the front row left, front to back order out again so as not to block at the door; in addition to the seats of sorts, friends and family in the order of appearance, as newcomers, we also need to pay attention to our own enter and exit the sequence and lineup.
&Nbsp;   there is nothing like music to render the wedding atmosphere, ritual music divided into prelude, exit entry song, song 3, Overture, Overture until 45 minutes before the ceremony, for guests to enjoy with some classical music, singing performances scheduled before the admission music sounded.
&Nbsp;   when the music played there is a new entry, beautiful listening to soothing music, inspired by the rhythm of the flying carpet in the sacred, belongs to happiness came at that moment.
&Nbsp;   vows are a unique way to express solemn the ceremony, you can choose to recite the ceremonies or took the oath, then, there are questions raised by the priests to acknowledge French answers.
&Nbsp;   variety of options to make your ceremony is unique. Ceremony music, oaths, prayers to choose carefully, not the same oath to make your wedding unique, rendering your wedding music, presenting the most beautiful wedding chapel.
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