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&Nbsp;   scheduled wedding reception hotel is a new headache problems, many newcomers after the scheduled wedding hotel, then set wedding, our wedding Butler asked something, such as wedding, cake, champagne gifts, parking, service charges and other issues, is the new easy to overlook. In order to help newcomers in the reservation at the wedding to avoid unscrupulous Hotel consumption, how to fight for their best interests, red balloons wedding Butler sums up this book hotel wedding tips from scheduled to begin preparation for wedding hotels, to negotiate with hotels, all points requiring attention are recorded.
&Nbsp;   part I: preparations for the scheduled wedding reception Hotel most couples book wedding hotels the most urgent, they may worry about the auspicious completion, and think with budget wedding price had been met, but curse the hotel decoration was not what they wanted, or table is not enough, very crowded. So, do your homework early in the book a hotel reception is must. Search and before the scheduled wedding hotel, couples and family and discuss the following preliminary points:
&Nbsp;   1. table roughly calculate the number of tables you want to book, the upper and lower error not more than 2 tables, methods can be classified as relatives and friends, in General, family and relatives arrived at the scene, the individual can also directly telephone number; friends here are difficult to budget, good friends will join with wife and friends single to compare.
&Nbsp;   2. price according to the overall budget of your wedding banquet dropped out in front of the table, such as the budget of 80,000, wedding hotel in General also to a 15% service charge, so also to deduction of 12000, table 20 table that is table 3400 Yuan budget.
&Nbsp;   3. regions, in accordance with your home address, from address convenient to both sides as the most suitable location to find these hotels, and record these hotel phones, don't believe online information, many online hotel rates as well as the maximum number of tables is not correct.
&Nbsp;   4. wedding according to your plan, as well as Zodiac holidays (of course don't believe it doesn't matter), to go to your preferred date to find out. Then, to set an alternative date, after all, the day was all like, so in the unlikely event that day again with no option than to put our wedding off until next year a lot better.
&Nbsp;   part II: book a pre wedding start after clear information up front, you initiate a phone to hotel ask asking is:
&Nbsp;   1. Schedule 2. maximum table number 3. price sets Department (specific somewhat what dish), whether has service fee 4. banquet Office roughly of shape, whether has column 5. layer high 6. welcome bin regional size Hotel maximum table number General are is refers to occupation walking channel Hou full State Xia of digital, so in scheduled banquet Shi, Office accommodate maximum table number minus 3 table is best table number. At this time, the red carpet, video, photography and other channels are occupied by being left out, results from the ceremony is the best.
&Nbsp;   4-6 mainly relates to the field of vision as well as beautiful wedding day wedding arrangement, of course, makes no requirements to Visual effects as well as the wedding arrangement, it doesn't matter.
&Nbsp;   part III: book a dot to start wedding phone list hotels in line with their own conditions, so you can save like a headless chicken running around. Then, in a convenient order, one by one to look at the site, to the scene to look after:
    1. Hotel layout style, tone, light and so on. (Some wanting to ban European wedding resulting in hotels is the Chinese style, the wedding will be a bit out of tune. So early what kind of Wedding couples want to do first. ) 2. The size of the stage (this is related to the arrangement of wedding) 3. Table size (1.7 m for tables of ten, 1.8 meters is more than ten table seats 11 Polish Polish,    booked 10 tables total, each table sat 11 people would be tantamount to adding a table, spending did not change much) 4. Hotel sound effects (this is must, many poor old hotel sound effects microphone talk mixed with noise) part IV: book a hotel to discuss the wedding after the above steps, I believe that new people have been satisfied with this hotel, the next is how to use will depend on your negotiation skills. And hotel negotiations, mostly 5.
&Nbsp;   1. If service charges, first thing to talk about is to waive service charges, of course it's difficult, especially five-star hotels. If you table a few more maybe each consumer is higher, then there may be possible, but difficult, to strive for is to fight for, after all, no need to spite his silver.
&Nbsp;   2. on General Hotel wedding dishes, dishes can be replaced in the so-called package, remove feel bad, on something more appropriate. Because each package has a chicken-like dish.
&Nbsp;   3. on wine comes with the key, some hotels will be presented, that excess is what price to ask. Can bring your own, these are newcomers trying to fight for. Subsequently, the hotel is the complimentary things hotels will send a wedding room, red carpets, simple wedding arrangement, signed books, pens, cake, champagne, champagne Tower, Xi Ka, parking free, in fact here in addition to House other worthless should not matter. Like simple layout, hotel wedding layout is ugly. So, not worth mentioning. Is not lost, of course, can be exchanged as capital to the hotel front failed to agree to things.
&Nbsp;   4. entry fee if you bring your own wedding wedding whether you want to entry fee, this is quite crucial. After all, it is a good wedding needs wedding layout and planning, where cooperation does not recommend the hotel wedding, unless cooperation was very good companies such as red balloon wedding exception. General cooperation with the hotel's wedding was quite dark, we used to rely on cooperation several relations came in, and the site layout is ugly and expensive. End affected our business, big boss banging the table exclude relations only after the wedding. External public wedding, after that cooperation would be a lot better. My wedding is not know, but see the red balloon wedding arrangement and site planning session, I realized how bad the wedding before. Things are bad, looks good, compared to really jump.
&Nbsp;   5. hotel parking hotel reservation on the wedding day is quite certain tables or cost free parking spaces, also have to pay. In the process of negotiation, not to mention, hotels may not give newcomers a free parking space, if required by the new, the hotel will try to accommodate, and easier for guests.
&Nbsp;   in short, scheduled wedding reception hotel to note: 1. to prepare lessons, so you can avoid unnecessary travel     2. the fighting for fighting, General hotel a lot of things are for you, of course you do not fight, they will not give in.
&Nbsp;   talk or book online featured wedding dishes, try dishes can be, but not as a wedding day. Just think, you know wedding is burned and hundreds of dish, called big pot dish, dish, after all, you tried pot. Therefore, food taste is not something you can control, but at least you're heart bottom.
&Nbsp;   friendship tips: If bullish articles also is think scheduled married banquet hotel is annoying, that on to we company, full wedding Butler, one-on-one Butler service, not only free help new to scheduled for you of hotel, and for new set wedding photography, wedding loan, wedding site layout and the personnel, set married car, including candy, and return, and wedding invitations, full for new service, completely by without new worry about, details can see we full wedding Butler column.
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