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&Nbsp;   today, many new people at the time of their wedding photos, often encountered such a situation: thousands of Yuan a wedding to take photos, in order to return to the film, but to pay a fee.
&Nbsp;   by the State administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the national standardization administration jointly issued the marriage celebration service standards have been implemented for more than three months, which expressly provides that: wedding company during the recording of all of the original data (including film, video and digital data, and so on) for free to customers. Wedding "GB" in Taiyuan City, what about the execution? Reporters on the matter was investigated.
&Nbsp;   don't know Ballroom to film 29th, we come to a wedding shop wedding prices. When asked about whether the film can be given away, and Studio staff said: "the list of negatives is complimentary, others joined 40 Yuan/Zhang, only to film 30 yuan/Zhang. "When it comes to wedding" GB "when the staff said they had not been heard. Subsequently, visited several of the Studio, finding or negative charges, or films with "limited-time free" promotions to attract customers.
&Nbsp;   selling films has become the "norm" we learned from the Studio staff, who asked not to be named, bought film business is one of the means of acquisition, this is already the industry's "unspoken rules". According to the staff, selling films is also an important way of wedding photo studio profit. Studios rent, indoor sets, dressing rooms decoration, staff salaries are no small expense, so the Studio profitable films as the main channel. At the wedding, Photo Studio will be in accordance with the agreement with the customer number by 2 to 3 times to one shot, and let guests choose. Many customers to keep happy moments, willing to pay high prices to buy all the negatives. In the end, paid out of the money, more often than not initially talking about the price of a lot more.
&Nbsp;   GB hard to crack, "unspoken rules" Wang lawyers, legal assistance centre, Studio whether it is a wedding company there is no explicit legal provisions, so the "GB" Wedding Photo Studio also does not have binding force. To break the negative charges of the "unspoken rules", and consumer awareness. Advise consumers before the wedding photos, negatives and merchant agree well in advance how to handle services such as content, and write the agreed contract, so that once the two sides disagree, resolved with the writing, avoid unnecessary disputes.
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