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10 considerations for wedding

    1. Don't let others of intention around himself of wedding wedding will put many people, as relatives, friends and some social groups with to you of side, but more important of is it will put two a people combined in with, common life, in you preparatory himself of wedding Shi, should put focus concentrated in you himself wants to do of and not others by hope do of things Shang, does, consider others of feel is is important of, used some symbolic of pleased will can please Yu others, but do don't do originally himself does not like, and only to makes I happy of choices Nor do arrangements beyond their capacity to pay.
    2 . Don't invited too more not related of personnel a simple of truth on each increased a a guest on is equal to increased wedding of budget, if you has a costs best limit (most are has), you increased number on means with to reduced banquet quality, invited those you by relationship of people and in you life in the has important status of people, in wedding of that day, you must hope was warm of smile around, and not those you recognize not out of faces.
    3 . Not long to arrive this principle applies not only to the bride, groom, also applies to all the people who attend the wedding, try to keep your wedding starting on time, if you are unable to start on time, that everything will be postponed, wedding programs and therefore become difficult to control, if not complete because guests, so you can't start on time, the waiting time should not exceed 10 minutes.
    4 . Don't lose rush is usually started in the morning of the wedding, some small problems would not necessarily it was found that if problems arise, you will also have time to solve, so no need to panic, so I solve it for you, and you just relax, keep smiling and enjoy this part of your day.
    5 . Not too tense some brides on their wedding day immersed in the longing for the wedding, so excited that the use of sedatives, alcohol and other drugs to calm himself down.
    6 . Not trivial in a traditional wedding, you'll find some of the secular and traditional things, they are not important, if you do not want it, you can not take the children, even the best man, bridesmaids, if you think that some ceremonies seemed embarrassed, then omit it does not you are completely in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law, as far as possible the way you like.
    7 . No avid hunger beyond imagination is the bride and groom will face big problems. Skipping breakfast can make you look slimmer on dresses? No, breakfast may be the one meal a day, and you need the energy. If your stomach is not good, then eat some salty things, if at the beginning of the wedding feel stomach discomfort, then I am afraid that there is no time to eat, many new busy greeting guests while away from their table. Don't eat things that you have no spirit, serious may be faint. Therefore, make sure you eat something before the wedding, banquet has to sneak in some.
    8 . Don't spend too much time individual guests that may be difficult, but you should try to use less time to welcome every guest, in the day of the wedding, there are many things you must do, toasting, cut the cake and so on. If you spent a lot of time will be delayed, you can finally take some time to say hello to friends.
    9 . Don't don't find drunken brawler to police to maintain order, you have to remind staff of the guest safe, while giving you best pay attention to every guest, don't let too many guests got drunk and lie down on your wedding.
    10 . Don't forget important dates in his life.
&Nbsp;   wedding day will soon spend months arrangements will be reflected in this day. Guests will marvel at your wedding dress, flowers, you prepare the sumptuous banquet for them. But in the end, all that is just a party, wedding has more significance, it put two people together, living together, remember several important in this hilarious wedding moment, impressed lovers happy faces at this time, in future days to come back to this beautiful memory.
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