Wedding rehearsals: absolutely indispensable part

&Nbsp;   with the wedding market becoming more prosperous, company or an independent wedding planner wedding services, many springing up everywhere, in fight over prices, after the site layout and creative personality characteristics, service level is all the more important. Number and quality of the wedding rehearsal, has become the service they advertised weight, as a rookie, you have the question, do I need a wedding rehearsal? What needs to be dress rehearsals? What do I need? Here the relevant elements of the wedding rehearsal.
&Nbsp;  : what is the wedding rehearsal, whether you need wedding rehearsal just before the wedding, in the actual wedding venues, major participants in the wedding full rehearsal of the wedding process, process involves a set of wedding rehearsal, all equipment checks, host of all the string, and so on.
&Nbsp;   in addition to wedding planning and executive personnel, mostly involved in the wedding in person for the first time participate in the wedding, their processes, on a misunderstanding may occur mostly in the actual wedding, rehearsal process is a familiar process and clearly define each individual's responsibility, is very important, are essential.
&Nbsp;   II: what's included the wedding rehearsal 1. process walkthroughs of different wedding theme, wedding style, Western-style ceremony includes admission, mostly married, exchange rings, lovekiss, poured champagne, hand bouquets, throwing out, and Chinese-style ceremony, King changed to tea and elders to give newcomers a red envelope, elders and guest speakers are also essential. Rehearsal process needs to cover all the process, because it can be done overall to control or predict, so as not to miss the key ceremony auspicious time or overall delay too long. If your wedding ceremony, contain special links with some difficulty, such as r/c plane ring and rehearsal is particularly important.
&Nbsp;   2. participation personnel except must participate in of groom bride, groomsmen bridesmaid also must attended, many such as admission, and exit of ceremony, they need ahead of knows and familiar; parents best can attended rehearsal, in bride admission, and King changed tea, link, need they of portrait tie, rehearsal not only can familiar process, elegant good each a details, also can elimination tension, actual wedding in the do best; guest statement part, consider to guest time or energy Shang of limit, Can not attend in person, but the entire rehearsal process to set aside this time, I must separate; wedding planners also arrived at the scene, who is Director of the whole wedding, and wedding photography photographers are also best able to actually set the best shooting angle and so on.
&Nbsp;   3. equipment check will be in the wedding using a microphone, sound, lighting, projection and so on equipment, different wedding venues, power, projection screen and other auxiliary facilities need to debug, not only test the integrity of the device itself, also according to the actual banquet space size, adjust the optimum volume and light intensity. If there is no rehearsal for this session, in case of wedding equipment strike, what a wrenching thing.
&Nbsp;   4. emcee string is a wedding card, each host contains the Basic wedding wedding Chair sets of words, combined with the wedding featured wedding problems and improvise, and wedding rehearsal is the host in advance opportunities for effective integration of the first two parts, in addition to other people as a whole under the leading of rehearsals is also host, is essential.
&Nbsp;   III: wedding rehearsal notes 1. must complete rehearsal set of rituals, for the overall length of time to process a accurate control.
&Nbsp;   2. If there is a small error or problem must be resolved on the spot, because the wedding day will be tense and panic than in rehearsal, and had little problem to schedule to the person in charge, ensuring that it does not happen.
&Nbsp;   3. bride the best can have a rehearsal wearing a wedding dress, wedding shoes, wedding dress bustle, or long-tailed, the bride is probably not used to walking, rehearsal in advance can better maintain combined with music, keep pace with the groom and so on. To keep this wedding beautiful, of course, you can find someone to pick up the skirt.
&Nbsp;   4. King changed the tea part rehearsal and don't forget, practice can reduce the wedding day the couple continue to do something called "thank you, aunt and uncle" rate. BACK
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