Wedding optional spent four seasons with skill!

&Nbsp;   wedding flowers always in perfect shape caused guest attention, unique color, fragrance, fresh and natural spring, bright and warm summer, heavy deep autumn, pure winter, every season has a different flower. So, celebrated in different seasons, we choose which flowers to romantic wedding?
&Nbsp;   spring is the spring season of flowers bloom in the spring, beautiful natural scenery abounds, you can choose rustic wedding arrangement, wedding in the heavily used red, yellow, green and other colors of bright flowers, to heighten the flavor of spring. When the blooming of flowers covered the venue, beautiful bride but, sunny and bright.
&Nbsp;   passionate summer, summer is warm and imaginative, full of youthful play. So you can select a color on the wedding pastel flowers, not only can make hot hearts eased in light color, and can get to revel in rich, fragrant flowers. Light blue, light pink, Daisy white is ideal for summer wedding decoration. Bride Corolla can weave the soft wear on his head, garden flower fairies are beautiful.
&Nbsp;   Golden harvest fall autumn is the harvest season, gold, yellow, Orange, red, is essential to your fall wedding colors, sweet-scented osmanthus, Camellia sasanqua, butterfly orchid, rose, purple, Jasmine is the best wedding flowers. Wedding in the fall, significant independence and graceful elegance of pure winter winter is the season of flowers are scarce, like bloom, roses, tulips, Anthurium flowers, clivia, etc can be used at the wedding. Winter flowers are rare, so even more noble and pure flower. Color of winter flowers make the bride more beautiful innocence, which started a hymn and a wedding feast. White is a good choice, the wedding was more pure, romantic, temperament. BACK
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