October bride before marriage needs a week to confirm what?

&Nbsp;   every October is peak wedding. Sun, full of life. Outdoor wedding is optional and free, without the shackles of regional space, you can let the couple had more contact with the guests. If you are coming October the bride, the wedding is still about a week's time, red balloons wedding Butler teaches you to make her final confirmation, guarantees to the perfect wedding!
&Nbsp;   wedding programs wedding program can add for the wedding. But echoing the wedding programs and wedding theme, not all programs can be interspersed in any different type of wedding. Outdoor wedding less restricted than indoor wedding so fun wedding program is particularly important guests and newcomers joy in the same Hall. Wedding Planner during the wedding process properly interludes program, guests at the right moment, to participate in the wedding, more unforgettable memories. Meanwhile, outside when doing this show, be sure to keep guests safe.
&Nbsp;   photography photography, video is a Visual record of the pomp of the couples wedding day, leaving can repeatedly watch the videos, you can also share with friends and family and not able to attend in the future. Outdoor weddings there may be some special locations, can leave more memorable for new photos, new allow site staff or planner to guide photographers and cameramen filming techniques and attention, at which time, which can capture the location to make stop in an instant photo.
&Nbsp;   site features an outdoor wedding venues, green account for most, so can choose lighter colors in the decoration, such as pink, lavender, yellow and so on, that in harmony with the surrounding environment. Unless the couple especially sure to color, generally do not recommend the use of contrasting shades of red and green.
&Nbsp;   outdoor wedding clothing choices when choosing a wedding dress of the bride should be noted, do not select dresses with long tail, because it can only bring you trouble on the lawn. If the couple has chosen the long trailing wedding dress, then can be wired through the white blanket needed to avoid heel got stuck in the mud of the bride, or let the skirt stained with so many petals falling leaves.
&Nbsp;   outdoor wedding broad of hardware facilities, more outside interference, audio equipment, field of environmental factors is particularly important. If it is a wedding in the evening, so outdoor lighting element is also the first priority needs to be checked. Interface, power strips, wire, whether it can connect to your desired position. New yourself when selecting a venue, often are attracted by the beautiful scenery, and forget to check details of the circuits section. In addition, suitable for circuit is also very important. To avoid the microphone without speaking because inappropriate response. Outdoor wedding in addition to a good stereo, a good band will also add to the romantic mood for the wedding, like Viola Quartet or jazz bands are more suitable for outdoor wedding live.
&Nbsp;   outdoor wedding weather factors to note is an important factor is the weather, because the wedding preparation time is longer, so it is difficult to predict the weather conditions of the wedding day. General Planner and field coordination options to cope with sudden thunderstorms. A week before the wedding, the couple time to check the weather forecast. If one week in advance know that wedding day may have light showers, right forward or backwards in the wedding start time. If there is more rain, the wedding date is no way to adjust, the couple needs to start planning alternative indoor programme.
&Nbsp;   catering food such as at an outdoor wedding reception, if it is outside the restaurant, hotel, there is no way to provide dining places, you need to find another place to sell food. Tableware, glass table and chairs, tablecloths, service, refrigerators, heating equipment and transportation conditions also need umbrellas, disinfectant, food wrap, these details into a necessary part.
&Nbsp;   staff if the wedding in the garden or in the Park, no obvious signs, then newcomers must arrange a good friend or staff, designed in two or three locations serving guests. To task the workers who, everyone accuses clear. Specialized personnel after the wedding is over, is responsible for the decoration throughout the dismantling stage, pick up, sorting garbage; about a bride will Butler stay with the couple, and helped the couple finishing skirts; there will be wedding supervision is responsible for controlling the entire wedding process, progress, the wedding order. BACK
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