Newcomers should know: the wedding of wedding etiquette

&Nbsp;   new wedding of wedding etiquette, do you know? What wedding wedding taboo? If you don't know, let me take a look at the wedding of wedding etiquette! Oh, I hope to help you!
&Nbsp;   1. wedding etiquette no-no (that is, Pro-Ying) men as originally agreed upon by the two sides, "" time to go to the wedding. "The wedding" number of double bogey, the woman should be every two people sent to marry. Said the groom, "single", "double", the old Tim, she even said "affection" the meaning of life. If the wedding convoy met with another wedding, this condition is called "happy joyous" required mutual firecrackers or flowers to matchmaker swap prepared in advance by both parties to resolve.
&Nbsp;   2. ritual taboos of the bride bride left home to cried and cry loud the faster the better, prosperous family fortune. Virgin brides avoid eating family meals on the day, the saying goes, "food-lang rice, lang" means after aggrieved at their in-laws ' only Crow, toe, to avoid, so only eat vegetables instead of eating that day. Another bride out of the gate when touched, being careful not to step on the groom's shoes into the groom won't tread on the threshold of the gate, in breach of any of these articles are likely to bring bad luck to the family with their husbands.
&Nbsp;   3. groom of ritual taboo associate groom in Wedding Eve bogey sleep empty bed, can find minor of male child to "pressure bed", such can early health your child; groom home in the wedding Shi, needed banging away, discharge firecrackers, bustling of let bride door, bogey deserted, and head hanging firecrackers bogey "head number" too less, if bride also didn't, into husband House, firecrackers broken has sound, caused scenes deserted, like funeral, meaning head bad. Folk also believe firecrackers was "BEng BEng evil," the more the big day, evil spirits will come to make trouble, must promptly take it away.
&Nbsp;   4. ceremony of other people's taboo he married to err is human, the saying goes, "to not to reciprocate" "chipping" is well deserved. House needed to book this: remember "money" until the family weddings in the future also to "whip" and amount to more than the other had sent the gift amount. When the bride into the family, and Weng Gu and the two men as well as maternal and filial love for one should be avoided to prevent rushing. While women widowed, remarried, wearing a white dress, avoid entering the bridal chamber, is inauspiciously. The day of the wedding, if the case involves sultry weather, all the wedding guests who are not fan, otherwise there will be dismantled. BACK
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