Need to prepare before the marriage ceremony wedding supplies

&Nbsp;   more and more newcomers in his thoughts on wedding links, in order to allow more novel and interesting wedding, came up with many ideas to regulate the atmosphere of the wedding. Lottery is an exciting, exciting things, everyone luck praying to himself, so the wedding raffle as a chic wedding links, also became popular as a new gift for the guests.
&Nbsp;  , fill in the greeting card sweepstakes new prepared greeting cards, every guest at the time of registration for the couple write down blessings, and sign your name. Prepare for a lucky dip, collect these cards in the lucky dip. Until the times of the wedding raffle, random cards pulled the lucky guests, and send gift ...
&Nbsp;   special design: like personality, creative people can also make the blessing tree or wishing wall, these cards to be hung on the tree or wall, become a stylish decoration of the wedding.
&Nbsp;   second, the "lucky" new hidden under a Chair in the wedding company wedding when can randomly in some Chair mark, you can tie a Ribbon on a chair leg, or yarn cards hidden in the back of the Chair. Wait until the wedding when the lottery began, the host can guide guests to their chairs to find mark: guests will be able to receive their prizes!
&Nbsp;   three speed, live SMS send each guest a couple of wishes, take out your cell phone texting, sending cell phone number is kept secret in advance (it can be the bride and groom or groomsmen bridesmaids). Number and released when the host Announces "start sending" when the specified mobile phone number text messages received by the first number, is the winning number.
&Nbsp;   four, sweet little "trick"
&Nbsp;   new guests will be sweet and in return, when the lottery begins, all opened box with candy, maybe surprise hiding inside Oh!
&Nbsp;   v, through the bride's bouquet throwing bouquets are a classic part of the wedding, can pass the happiness of the couple, meanwhile, received bouquets can become a wedding Prize for the lucky winners, new deep wishes.
&Nbsp;   six, through the corsage or wrist flowers can give every incoming guests a decorative floral, men's brooches, ladies wrist flowers, most of the flowers are made of a color to make and pick out of them, a man and a woman, with a special color. Enter random distribution. Wait for the lottery, allowing guests to look at the flower color, color special which is the winner. BACK
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