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&Nbsp;   gifts-how?
&Nbsp;   If both wedding and gift how problems will occur. If the husband has never taken the initiative to suggest ways your gift, the woman because of inconvenient position intended to separate your gift of time, is likely to result in unhappy circumstances both parents. At this time, hurt feelings in order to avoid future money problems, a woman may wish to reason for parents to return after the reference, it is recommended that separate gifts of gold.
&Nbsp;   distant in-laws, accommodation, if the woman outside a friends and relatives from coming to dinner, accommodation and transportation are a very large number. So we must consider whether all will be borne by the man? Men eat to cope with the problem!
&Nbsp;   booze "explosion" If prepared tables is not sufficient for the case, the couple jump or both parents not to panic as a result, blaming budget poorly with each other. First determine the tables really are full of people? If you can, in some familiar relative seat, as far as practicable number 1~2 people. Sure they won't mind. So in order to avoid the "explosive" situation, new duplicate acknowledgements before the wedding the best attendance.
&Nbsp;   prevention of family photo shoot each other a lot of times, when people watched the wedding photo of the day, will think why are pictures of other family members, their relatives and friends had so little, and feel uncomfortable. It is recommended that the best men and women find a people who know their relatives to help take pictures, it would not have caused such a pity!
&Nbsp;   Jewelry shoplifting couple room has a constant flow of people in and out of, valuables may be passing. Brides searching to no avail cases likely caused scenes of panic, and tension and blame others. So it's best to prior arrangements for a loved one keep valuable jewelry. BACK
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