Charm 1. Facilities in the hotel to enjoy star treatment

&Nbsp;   wedding at the hotel and don't have to worry about cold effect in winter wedding, you can also enjoy a range of hardware facilities, magnificent and spacious hotel lobby, elegant and gorgeous ballrooms, romantic wedding, let you enjoy star treatment in the winter can also be a romantic wedding.
&Nbsp;   spacious hotel lobby, rest style lobby is available for our guests to all the guest's first impression, start entering your fairy tale wedding, Crystal, marble, piano, all so fit, immediately highlighting to your wedding. Some guests to magnificent Grand Ballroom, staged in cold winter and warm Hotel Ballroom wedding temperature can be maintained at 20-25 degrees Celsius, so choose a wedding at the hotel need not worry about chilly weather will give guests a chill. In the Hotel Ballroom of the elegant, can be put on warm winter wedding. Large-screen LED LCD screen, gorgeous stage, gorgeous lighting, must be able to bring guests stunning visual feast. Without columns, tall height designed to let guests in any corner of the wedding can be processes at a glance.
&Nbsp;   sweet wedding room cozy hotel general store for the couple married, stay the day before the wedding, weddings don't have to get up early on the day running around in circles of makeup, make-up wearing a white dress at the hotels have plenty of time, and also eliminates the way cold. Warm and elegant wedding room, exhausted couple relax continued romance to a wedding in a comfortable environment. Effort is needed to decorate the ornament wedding room at the hotel, the rose is not essential, Bay Windows, bed or in a comfortable bathtub, creating a romantic atmosphere of the wedding.
&Nbsp;   charming 2. Seasonal characteristic layout, create a warm winter wedding in winter is the season of holiday gathering, wedding, spring wedding is currently a very popular Christmas theme. Despite the cold weather, but imagine crystal clear, snow-covered world, under the conditions of the hotel facilities, beautiful environment, using tricks of the season features with a variety of warm features a warm wedding will bring deep warmth to guests.
&Nbsp;   warm layout create a warm space apart from mainstream cool in summer, in winter should use warm colours to create a so that guests can forget the outdoor cold and warm space, give the feeling of warm and lively.
&Nbsp;   candle highlighting the sense of the sacred candles create a featured wedding in the winter, will visually give the feeling of warm, small candlesticks can be placed in the sign in table, candelabra on stage, candlelight can highlight the sense of the sacred. When the warmth of the candle is lit, light up all the warm place, bring you the romantic feeling of warmth! Road paved with candles, the candle on the floor and crystal chandeliers in the hotel beauty, warm and bright.
&Nbsp;   charm 3. Considerate hotel of the hotel's professional services team can provide newcomers with a comprehensive and meticulous service, lobby, Hall, room, hotel anywhere, as long as you need, easy access to a full range of one-stop services, lets you enjoy the VIP treatment.
&Nbsp;   make a SPA to relax the bride before the wedding to avoid some tension and anxiety, hotel has a professional masseur, give you a SPA to relax, the skin on the wedding day to reach the peak. Beijing's climate is dry in winter, hotel the night before the wedding, enjoy the Hotel SPA, a busy preparations for the wedding to out you to enjoy relaxing time after refreshing, bright greeted the upcoming wedding.
&Nbsp;   intimate Hat Hosting winter guests wore thick, hotel offers coat and bag storage service, which greatly facilitate the guests can easily attend the wedding.
&Nbsp;   matching convenient dressing rooms Grand Ballroom is equipped with a spacious dressing room, wedding day bride costume, thus avoiding a "long journey" of bitterness, and makeup to rest easy.
&Nbsp;   13 experts teach you 4 ways the perfect bespoke wedding venue wedding venue choices are often constrained by many factors, time, environment, traffic, style, decoration and so on, and new people in an effort to perfect a stunning visual sensory effect in an unguarded easy Micaela's own, well not melancholy, experts teach you 4 ways, absolutely works.
&Nbsp;   professional media information in major cities, professional media for wedding are endless, from the network to the magazine, from the style guides for Raiders to save money, in the vast sea of information, these media can in the shortest possible period of time to provide you with the latest and most complete wedding information. Note these keywords in your comments: site location, site features, capacity, prices, contacts, itself a use Excel as a table, each of length at a glance. Select interest for further investigation and, of course, to consult the professional wedding planner, wedding venue information can be the most effective and practical!
&Nbsp;   large large wedding fair wedding Expo is covered every quarter, and more than one. At the wedding Expo, invited businessmen will show their special wedding setting up within a specific area, equipped with guided wedding special, and some even have special vehicles new rates visit the wedding. At a wedding Expo on, you can be exposed to the most professional and field service staff, receive a one-time payment of more than the venue of first-hand information, temptation is more heavy, almost every exhibitors can show varying degrees of launch promotions with different content, signing ceremony, why not? Love knot experts suggest newcomers could be sales staff in advance contact with the Italian venue, wedding Expo will sign the Bill on the day, and have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits!
&Nbsp;   featured wedding show wedding show as a pure "import" hot in the city in recent years. Wedding show meaning in site-specific model shows the real wedding, couples feel the romantic atmosphere and service. Apart from the venue, usually with joint photography/makeup/wedding businesses in attendance, provide you a comprehensive introduction and presentation of the wedding process. Wedding show on that day, new full tour venue, more intuitive feel to the wedding process through speculate "what my wedding would be like", coupled with professional guide, wedding venue to a realistic view of Omni-directional stereo helps new people judged their expectations. Wedding show also has various price incentives, some businesses will extend the price for a week or even a month, give newcomers a certain amount of time.
&Nbsp;   reservation site visit the site visit, not simply to visit the venue, ask the waiter several questions, then walk away. With the wedding market matures, hotel/restaurant, is equipped with a professional wedding staff, they have wedding venue area of the sound/lighting/cooperation/dish mix/low season discounts and other information, according to the new requirements put forward valuable suggestions. Booking-site visits, means you have to find these people and let them take you to visit the venue, and in-depth communication with them, look at the wedding of your dreams how many possible ways of implementation. Appointment in the course of site visits, even if some space hardware for you to accept, you will get a great deal of practical wedding information, regardless of whether the final signing, I believe you also encountered a very nice wedding guide, maybe you will become good friends. BACK
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